The Four-Leaf Clover

Ah, the four-leaf clover, that cheery Irish symbol of good luck and fortune,

Because of the four leaves, the four-leaf clover has come to represent the four seasons, four points of the compass, faith/hope/love/luck in life, the four elements and the equinox/solstices.

Basically a four-leaf clover is a 1 in 10,000 unique clover, while the others have three. (although the number of leaves has gone as high as in the teens)


Appliqued Four-Leaf Clover
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If you find this lucky clover, seal it in wax paper with an iron, as the plant tends to dry really crisp and will crumble. A craft sealant is another good way.  Flower press, yet another.  Whatever way you choose to preserve your lucky clover, the best place to keep it is by your mirror or in a place you can see it first thing in the morning.

If you're going for an interview or need extra "luck", pocket your leafy prize and know that the luck of the Irish is with you.  


2008 J Thompson


the four leaf clover