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Magic Spells  -  Are love and money spells real? 


I wish I had a dime for every time I've been asked that question.  Are spells real?  Do they work? I always counter with a question for them.  Does prayer work?  Do good vibes work?  

Spells are a form of prayer.  They are what make the prayer or wish /request physical.  Spells connect the focus of the work with this mundane world in which the desire lies.

In other words, spells are like a tie from this physical world to the spiritual realm, the world of energy and enlightenment.  Like the lighting of a candle by a Catholic; it focuses their prayer and sends it heavenward. The same holds true for a spell.  

We focus on the desire.  We gather the equipment needed for the spell.  We assemble it and begin, with word and deed, gesture, energy and so on.  All the while we have a result in our mind.  

Spell casting is as old as human beings have been upright and thinking. Most ancient sites have given up evidence of magical workings for the populous.  Magic and the magic makers.  The psychics and sages, seers and healers.  All have used the power of magic.  The natural world yields so many wonderful sources of power; add to that the ingenuity of the practitioner and the energy imbibed into the work. How can that kind of energy not have some effect?

Be careful with ordering spells cast for you online.  You have no assurance they've actually been done, the honor of the caster and the focus of her/his work. In most cases, you should really try to find a practitioner in your area.  You can tell a lot about a person by just meeting them.  Do they look you straight in the eye?  Do you feel comfortable around them?  You can also tell how harried and unfocused they may be.  Your spell can't come out well if they have too much on their plate or are less than honest about their work. 

Investing in a spell is like investing your money. You do it for the return. With the right company, one like investools or the right Psychic, those returns can be rewarding.

Use your instincts.  Listen to the little voice inside.  It won't steer you wrong.  

Don't pay huge amounts of money for a spell cast for you.  I'm constantly amazed at the outrageous money some casters are asking for a simple spell.  

Remember, there are two basic focuses for spells.  Love and money.  Just about all spell casting can be designated to one of those two topics.  Healing is a type of love spell, new job is a type of money spell, etc. Simple spells work the best.  Getting too complicated will only complicate the focus.  

There are many paths for spell casting.  Witchcraft / wicca, voodoo, etc.  Lots of paths to the same outcome.  Again use your intuition.  Everyone has intuition.  Listen to it.

In scientific terms, the casting of a spell is the sending of energy to a focus.  We learn early in school that energy can neither be created or destroyed, but can be transferred.  Same holds true for prayer.  With the pure focus in mind, the energy that prayer circles and pagan circles and spells can gather is staggering.  Measurably awesome. 

Don't ever discount a particular method of magic.  Keep an open mind, understand the actual underlying principles, scientific or otherwise, and watch what happens. You might be surprised.


J. Thompson 



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