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The 13 Crystal Skulls


The mystery of the Crystal Skulls is a fascinating one, taking into account man's history of not listening, the magic of precious crystal and the foresight of the earliest civilizations to leave a legacy.

Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

The legend talks about thirteen crystal skulls, left by our earliest ancestors in the area of Central America.  They were supposedly scattered and awaiting the discovery by modern humans.  Five have been found, one being in Texas, one in Canada (the most famous - the Mitchell-Hedges Skull) one at the Smithsonian, one at the British Museum and one in Paris.  

The skulls are said to house information for humankind and all the skulls will be found (and the information released) when the human race is ready to accept it.  

Interestingly, the owner of the Mitchell-Hedges skull attempted to have the age verified by the company Hewlett Packard.  With their remarkable work with crystal chips, they had the expertise to research the skull.

Crystal Skulls

To the amazement of the experts, the skull had absolutely no tool markings on it, which is one way of determining its age...the most precise way.  The surface of the skull is glass smooth with no rubbings or chips or tool markings whatsoever.

The Aztec and Mayan cultures believed the skulls held psychic power and enabled those around them to gain wisdom and fore-knowledge from them.

Many crystal skulls are manufactured today and often used as a skrying or divination tool.  They are made from a variety of stones from Amethyst to Topaz. Psychics and readers will use the large piece of crystal as they would any other stone.  Energy and force are found within the products of the earth, like stones and metals.  These skulls are used like a crystal ball.

Wikipedia has a wonderful crystal skull links with information on the Mystery of the Crystal Skulls.

Whether you believe in the "power" of these skulls, or it's merely a fascinating myth, this mystery is one that I suspect humankind will ponder for many generations to come.


UPDATE   - Skulls fake - National Geographic

UPDATE   - Chemical & Engineering News 


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The 13 Crystal Skulls



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