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Evil Spirits -- Can We Be Haunted or Possessed? 


I have had clients come to me to describe being haunted or they may raise concerns that they may be possessed. It is often the case that what my clients were experiencing was just a case of reckless imagination. But sometimes there have been those odd feelings that there might be some truth to the matter. Fortunately the same advice which can help a subject who is genuinely haunted or possessed can also help a subject whose imagination is the only thing possessing them.

If I were to tell an imaginative subject that they were not haunted or possessed they would be strongly inclined to disbelieve me no matter how gently or eloquently I might try to lead them to the truth. The subject has chosen to adopt a belief that they may be haunted or possessed for a reason; they may want attention, or they may sometimes exhibit peculiar or embarrassing behavior which they are trying to explain away by being haunted or possessed, or they may just want an excuse to be able to do things they know are wrong or hurtful. Whatever their motive for choosing to believe that they may be haunted or possessed they are most often looking for some form of reinforcement of their belief rather than disillusionment.

Consequently, challenging their belief will not help a subject and may actually harm them; if a reactive formation occurs in a subject’s mind in response to being challenged then a challenge may actually wind up reinforcing their chosen belief rather than dissuading them from it. Therefore, treating an imaginative subject as a genuinely haunted or possessed person is often the best option a psychic or spiritual counselor may have because by doing so we may make an alliance with our subject and be perceived as their friend; in this way the client may become more trusting and open to our advice and guidance.

In regards to the truly haunted or possessed person it must be understood that a subject in this state has allowed this to happen to them. It may most often be the case that they are entirely unaware of having opened themselves up to this experience, nevertheless it is so. Nothing can ever happen to us against our will. However, our will can be a tricky thing for it is divided among our several states of consciousness and such an agreement may be made upon any of the levels of our minds which are known as the consciousness, sub-consciousness, unconsciousness or super-consciousness. Typically we are scarcely aware of most of our thoughts below the level of our consciousness and we cannot immediately apprehend that on some level of our mind we have agreed to experience everything which happens in our lives.

In the case of a subject who believes they may be haunted or possessed the subject of their responsibility for what has happened must be broached very gently.

It is important to stress to subjects who feel the presence of some malign entity in their lives that they can take control of their situation and change it. Whether real or imagined, if the subject believes that evil spirits are molesting them then terrible things may happen to them as a consequence. By helping the subject to become actively involved in addressing and resolving their issue we may be able to guide them to empower themselves to put an end to the matter before it can do them any further harm.

The state of belief that their lives have been invaded by an evil spirit is a form of harm in itself. The subject typically feels powerless in this situation and surrenders control of some part of their life to their belief. By surrendering any control over their life to another entity or to a part of themselves which indulges in unpleasant or hazardous behavior they have taken the first step upon a road which may lead them to do further injury to themselves or to others, particularly their loved ones who will often be distraught by the circumstances created by a person who is either genuinely haunted or possessed, or who believes themselves to be so.

Regardless of whether a person is truly haunted or possessed or only believes themselves to be so the subject must empower themselves to change their situation. Sometimes a subject’s culture provides tools for dealing with these phenomena, such as using candles or bells and invoking good spirits or raising a white shield. Sometimes such a subject is open to adopting such tools from a different culture and may have already tried to do so. Unfortunately, the tools and rituals for psychic cleansing to rid oneself of evil spirits may not always work because the real work is done by the individual who is experiencing the problem. The tools and rituals are only aides to focus the resolve of the subject to end the situation and such tools have no power in and of themselves. All the power to create the circumstances in which a subject comes to believe that they may be haunted or possessed came from within that individual, and so the only power which will help them will also come from within them.

Many people may object and say that god, or a saint, angel, spirit guide or psychic may help someone who is haunted or possessed. It is my belief that this may be true in practice, and that any of these may succeed in regard to freeing a subject from their evil spirit. However, I also believe that this type of help only does the subject further harm, particularly if they have turned to a skillful charlatan for help. A skillful charlatan can influence the mind of a possessed or haunted subject to successfully guide the subject to relieve themselves of their attachment to a malign entity; but in this case the charlatan may also be regarded as a malign entity for it is in the nature of such a person to use their knowledge to take advantage of a subject and relieve their subject of their worldly goods or services to benefit themselves.

Putting the motive of worldly gain aside, a subject has been harmed if they believe that an entity other than themselves has relieved them of their problem with an evil spirit, whether that help came from god, or a saint, angel, spirit guide or psychic. This is because in this case the subject has not empowered themselves to manage their own life and has instead surrendered their power in this situation to another party. It does not matter how well intentioned an assisting party may be, if the party who assists such a subject fails to guide the subject to a state of self-empowerment then they have done that subject a disservice or injustice.

The most important issue here is to guide the subject of a malign influence or belief to a state where they empower themselves so that they may independently resolve the issue to their satisfaction.

The subject must be guided into the understanding that everything that happens to them occurs because they have allowed it to happen to them even when they may feel they have not given their permission to allow some particular thing to happen to them, such as being haunted or possessed.

The subject must learn that they are an inviolable being. They must know that no entity, whether it is an incorporeal being or an incarnate being, can ever harm them against their will in any way whatsoever. Ultimately, the subject must accept the wisdom that all the things they may have perceived as having hurt them in their life have actually helped them since they would otherwise never have agreed to allow these things to happen.

Sometimes a subject may make examples of murder, rape or maiming and say “But look! These people have all been hurt!"

It may seem very insensitive to say that in these cases any people who have had these violent traumatic experiences are all responsible for having brought those experiences upon themselves, but that is the spiritual truth of the matter.

All of our experiences are opportunities for our further spiritual growth and development. Even if we are slain our spirits go on and we may learn from our experience. Some lessons are much harder for some of us than for others and we may not always 'get it' when these lessons appear in our lives, but sooner or later we will learn our lessons and we will then be able to move on to new lessons.

At the point when we finally ‘get it’, whatever our lesson may be, any pain or displeasure associated with learning the lesson disappears. Once we have finally understood a particular lesson we become grateful for everything done on our behalf to teach us our lesson, even if it is gratitude toward someone whom we once felt hurt by.

When the subject of a haunting or possession finally ‘gets it’ that they have created their situation and that they were always in control of it, then they may relieve themselves of any unpleasantness that they may have associated with their experience and move on.

Typically, the lesson involved in cases of haunting or possession is to show the subject two things. The first thing the subject must learn is that they themselves are the center of all power in their life and that they have total control over everything they experience. The second thing the subject may learn is that there is a subtle world beyond the conventional world we experience, a world full of great mysteries to be explored.

So while it is possible that at some time in our lives we may come to believe we may be haunted or possessed and that it is further possible that our belief in this regard is true, we can only become haunted or possessed if we ourselves allow it to happen to us.

And who knows? It may be fun

BIO: Fledgling author Greg Gourdian has worked with the general public as a psychic reader for a little over four years from 1981 to 1986. Much of his written work is channeled, although he will admit that he has no idea who many of the sources for his channeled work may be. He has many strange tales to tell regarding his spiritual journey and he attempts to tell his tales in a humorous or entertaining manner. While not an accredited teacher, Greg has taught classes in psychology, sociology, metaphysics and parapsychology.

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