Connecting the Dots of the Paranormal: Ghosts and Reincarnation 


Ghosts are probably the most known paranormal phenomenon with the UFO category gaining on it everyday. While it's hard to understand or know why a ghost is somewhere or haunting a location, I think it's easier to figure out what it is than what business the entity might have.

This seems to be one of the easier lines to connect since itís almost obvious how to get from ghosts to reincarnation. If ghosts are the lost or still departing souls of the once living, then perhaps they stick around for awhile. After the soul finishes what it still needs to do in itís current life it moves on. We have no idea of knowing how long a soul will stay around once itís left a body. Some ghosts are reported for hundreds of years, others seem to fade fairly quickly.

Edgar Cayce touched on a spiritís journey throughout lifetimes. How skills and talents we have now are the results of past lives. In our life, we are here to try and find a ďkarmicĒ balance for the lessons we learn now for those we didnít learn, havenít learned, or still need to learn. The lingering spirit, after death, still possibly be someone looking to close a karmic gap that they incarnated to do in this lifetime.

To those that access the Akashic Records, or Book of Life, theyíll find information about a person across several lifetimes, which Cayce often used to diagnose ailments with those who sought him for readings. So, in the line, a ghost could be what we figured it was, a spirit still looking to finish some business in their life before moving on.

One more possibly comes to mind that a ghost is the collective conscious of the people leaving an imprint in reality of a personís past existence. With thought creating so much reality everyday, it could have the power to leave a visual, if hazy, representation of the spirit in question. Since everyone will imagine the spirit entity a different way, solid details are sometimes lost. This is hard to prove, of course, but after looking into thoughtforms and their effect on us, it might be possible some ghosts are the result of it.

Iíve wondered as well, why we only have fairly modern day ghosts. There are no reports of an ancient Roman entity or Mongol spirit for example. This leads me to believe that the spirits only affect those of the lifetime of the being they incarnate as, when the moment is passed, they move on to another lifetime to balance their karma. Having none living to learn their lifeís lessons, they would probably be forced to reincarnate and start over, either having to relearn the past lesson, or a completely one.

This is, at best, mostly speculation. The rest of the connecting dots for ghosts must reside in the metaphysical arts and possibly Eastern religions, new and old, which seemed to have a better grasp of the life and death cycle.

Robert Kreuk is an independant paranormal investigator and owner of