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The Magic of Water

Aside from the health benefits of drinking good pure water daily, this elixir of life has incredible power when it comes to pagans and in the human experience.  

Water is a universal cleaner, the fluid of life and the largest component in the human body.  We are over ninety percent water and our bodies respond faster to dehydration than any other natural condition.  We must take in fluids to be healthy.  Water is the best there is.

Oceans and other bodies of water provide a home for the teeming forms of life in each, both plant and animal.  These bodies of water contain all tat is needed for the multitudinous creatures to survive.  

In the practice of magic, water provides the fluid as a conduit, symbolizing not only blood, but the fluid of the womb, rebirthing and replenishing what has been depleted.  The element of water washes away the old and refreshes the new...ushering in the cleanliness and clarity of this moment.

The flow of a moving stream shows another aspect to water.  Moving water is power in another way.  The movement of it generates a constant rebirth and so renewal for stones and other magical tools is done well when the item is immersed in moving / running water.

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Hydromancy is the art of scrying in a dish of water, from an ancient tradition practiced (in recorded history) in both ancient Greece and Rome, but with traditions back much much farther than that.  Water scrying appears in literature like the story of Arthur and Gwenevere.  The Avalon priestesses scry in a holy well up on the Tor. 

Today, many pagans and seers use a black or dark ceramic or glass dish.  Pure spring water works the best.  The Greeks believed that spirits lived in the water and could control it.

Water is a necessary liquid of life and spirit, body and soul.  It is the Great Fluid

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