The Hidden Philosophy of Abundance   


Metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that seeks to address all things Universal whether it is divine, cosmic, spiritual, or human. Ultimately, those who study metaphysics seek to address how we play a role in this continuum. It addresses those things perceived to be hidden."

To that end, many institutions including seminaries, universities, schools of metaphysics, and the like have found it necessary not to make the teachings of all metaphysics available to the everyday individual. This exclusion technique is designed to keep the study of metaphysics "mystical and hierarchical." So, where does that leave you?

Limited…you are limited to the few books published by Success Philosophers, Cosmologists, and Success Coaches. These authors may write something as vague as your thoughts produce the things in your life. However, they do not explain the metaphysics involved. They do not explain how .energy follows thoughts. They do not explain how .thoughts steer our lives in specific directions. Unfortunately, the most hidden of all branches of Metaphysics is Metaphysical Success

Philosophy or what is referred to as the Philosophy of Abundance. Why is it the most hidden branch of Metaphysics--because, most of the world's governments and nations have become capitalistic societies. In order for capitalism to work, you must have two groups the haves and the have-nots.. You must have people who are in debt. You must have a large demand in order to have a large supply.

If everyone received Abundance Training, then there would not be the large gap between the haves and the have-nots. In fact, many of our issues involving poverty, homelessness, debt, broken homes, and broken families would be eliminated because people would have the tools to live in Divine Flow of wealth, success, financial freedom, love, devotion, and optimal health.

The governments of the world make their money from our poor health, debt, and struggle to "just get by." Liberation comes with knowledge.

Now, because of the great demand in the desire to live abundantly, some Success

Philosophers and Psychologists have capitalized on this demand. Instead of providing teachings and trainings in Abundance, they now offer books, tapes, lectures, and workshops on .Behavioral Economics. While this subject has helped a few people who are in debt and earn about $100,000 annually, it is not inclusive of everyone. Behavioral

Economics are for people who have a substantial income but can't seem to manage their money.

Abundance Training is much more empowering. It is about enriching the whole-self.

You are not affected by the conditions of the economy or limited because you don't already earn a 6 figure salary. Your ability to increase your wealth, live in abundance, and have financial freedom is based on your understanding of Universal, Cosmic, and Spiritual Laws that govern the "flow "of wealth, success, love, devotion, financial freedom, and optimal health. Abundance Training teaches you how to operate in divine flow of this energy.

Wealth, money, success, love, health it is all energy. Once you know how to operate in the flow of that energy, you have the ability turn the unmanifested into the manifested. You can access intelligence of substance as it works to bring our true desires to fruition.

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Carmellita Brown is an Wellness and Success Coach. She is the instructor of the Online course "Abundance Training 101: The Universal Law of Abundance" available at: and the online Course "Lose Weight While Becoming a Wellness Coach" available at

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