Disney ghosts


When Walt Disney decided to put in the Haunted Mansion, he was quoted
as saying

"We’re going to have ghosts from all over the world... but we haven't got the ghosts in yet. We’re out collecting the ghosts. And we're making it very attractive for them, hoping they're going to want to come and stay at Disneyland, so we guarantee them creaking doors and creaking floors."

                                   Walt Disney, 1965

He had no idea how very prophetic his words might become when it came to the real deal at Disney World.  The ghosts are real, according to those who have seen, felt and encountered them.  Many, in fact, are said to walk the grounds, climb stair cases and peek out from around corners.  Both child ghosts and adults are said to haunt both Disney World and Disneyland.  

Guests to the Disney establishments expect to come across ghosts and spirits when they visit the Haunted Mansion, but they certainly don't expect the experiences that many park visitors report about ghostly goings-on. 

Although there are the few reports of actually seeing Disney himself, Walt's been pretty quiet in his silent overseeing of the empire he built. 

Despite the rumors that have gone on for years about his supposedly being cryogenically frozen after his death, this is entirely false.  Mr. Disney was cremated two days following his death and the ashes interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery.

But the following are true accounts of guest and employee reports as to the haunting of Disney World - 

     - George is a ghost said to haunt the area of the Pirates of te Caribbean.  It's said a beam fell on him and killed him.

"The ghost's presence has been acknowledged so well that the employees say good morning to him at the start of the day, as well as say good night to him at the end of the workday. If he is not respected, the attraction has been known to shut off on its own"

     - Employees have been known to talk about a ghost that haunts the Tower of Terror. He walks about when there are no guests.

     - A young blond girl has been spotted at the Spaceship Earth area at Epcot Center.  She rides a car, sometimes with a young boy who is found around her.

What happens at Disney World, doesn't stay at Disney World, especially when its as interesting as the real deal.  No animation, puppetry or any other "effect" in this phantom crowd.  

The Disney Ghosts walk.  Believe it or not.

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