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Death In History
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Death changes perspective 
by CD

We live and we die. But while living, most of us don't keep the thought of death in mind. A person suffering from an incurable disease may keep it in his/her mind, but not a normal person suffering from ordinary ailments. For a very big population on the earth, life is perpetual. That is how they think and live. Is this a right attitude? To a certain extent this is a right attitude and at times, wrong. Let us analyze further.

We not only live our life thinking that we will not die, but we also behave with others as if they will also not die. Let me give you an example. Let us talk about a friend. He/she does something or speaks something. We are deeply hurt. We feel bad, and we begin blaming the other person for many things. We don't think of forgiving and carrying on. Why? Suppose that friends of ours meets his/her death after a week. What will be our reaction? We will go in a remorseful mood and blame ourselves. The bad feelings that we had for that person lose all the meaning. That person is no more and no critical analysis or one upmanship will help now. The situation has changed totally. 

Accidents occur everyday. Any one of us may die at any moment. No one knows about the time of his/her death. We all believe that we will live to a ripe old age and will die only after that. Sometimes, we don't even think of that. How about changing our perspective? How about keeping the thought in our mind at all times that - the person I am hating so much now, or I am arguing with so much now, may even die after a hour by meeting with some freak accident. This may change our perspective about all our relationships. Is this not true. It will change our thoughts about ourselves also. We will all begin thinking more of today and worry less about tomorrow. Find out more about life on these screensavers - Why Hurry? , Feelings, Our destiny , Forgive and live. Life is precious. Every life is very precious. Every heart is precious. Why hurt anyone including yourself? Forgive everyone. Begin with yourself. Let death change our perspective.

About the Author

CD writes on inspiration, love, life, truth and other issues that make our living a joy. He is a dedicated content writer for EcardUniverse, CupidEcards, ValentinesDay-Cards, Inspiration ecards.


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