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The Afterlife Experience   

by Tracey Wilson

I see my body lying on the bed and I hear voices call my name. I look and see my family that has past on before me, waiting. They take me to a place full of beautiful flowers and sublime scenery. I automatically have the knowledge of why it was necessary to experience everything I went through in life. I also have full understanding of things that were done to me, and I know it was all just part of evolving -- theirs and mine. I know now that I do not need to carry any ill feelings toward anyone. Everything is as it should be.

I am able to just think where I want to go, and I am there. My mind is filled with all the knowledge of the universe and beyond.

There is a such thing as the akashic records of all past knowledge and lives. I spend a lot of time there soaking in the wisdom. I see how each life connects to the other, how all lessons in life are carried to the next, and the lessons I didn't learn in the previous lives, follow me to the next. This is not a punishment, but an opportunity to evolve more, while on Earth.

If people only knew the whole picture, they wouldn't have any worries or fears in this life. But the feelings we do have are necessary to push us in the directions we need to go in, to help ourselves and others gain wisdom and growth. Life is all about evolving to be a better person. Love is the answer to all problems.

I'm able to visit my family on Earth anytime I want. They will not be able to see my presence, unless there is a need for them to see me. If they are observant, they'll receive many signs that I am still around, watching over them. I will help guide them in the direction they need to go.

I believe I will be able to visit other civilizations that I only dream of while I'm alive. There's no way that we can be the only life forms to exist. What a waste of space that would be.

I can float through the universe, visit other planets and see new star formations forming. I can take in all the beauty that is around us everyday, and really appreciate the wonderment of it all. The beauty that I will envision will be so great, that we, as humans, could not even conceive.

I believe I can have talks with Jesus and find out what I did to truly please him, and when I may have entertained angels, unaware.

I will realize something I always suspected -- that dying is really just the beginning of truly living.

I have what is called astral projections; OBE's: Out of Body Experiences. My soul actually leaves my body. I travel around the house, or have trips up into the universe. Some I remember well and others I do not.

I have had them since I was a child, some have been good, while others awful. Most of the real bad ones happened while I was a teen-ager and young adult. I have been paralyzed and tried to yell or scream, but of course no one could hear me. On some of them when I returned to the body, I was able to open my eyes, but not able to move anything else.

About the Author

Tracey Wilson is an author on http://www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Creative Writers. Many of Tracey's writings can be found at


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