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Angels Are Among Us 

by Dr. Joseph Mercola


Master Energy Therapist and the author of the best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness: A Personal Handbook for Thriving in the 21st Century.

Want to change your world? There is nothing to it when you use the powers of your imagination and the powers of heaven to assist you. What Henry Ford said, "Anything you can imagine is possible," is right.

We live in a time when heaven and its powers are very close to us. The veil that was placed over us at birth is becoming very thin. We literally walk among angels -- angels that are physical, and angels that are spiritual. I would like to focus on the spirit angels and their desire to serve us.

When you think of heaven and its resources, imagine heaven right here with us. Angels walk before us and by our side daily. They prepare the way for our day to go smoothly. They assist us in orchestrating the details of our lives so we don't have to. They assist us by creating in spirit that for which we have asked, so that we can manifest it in the physical realm effortlessly.

They anoint us and help us heal while we are sleeping. Angels are our guardians and stewards. The purpose of their creation is to serve humanity. They want to adorn us with support, direction, protection, and assistance. There are multitudes of angels and heavenly hosts to call upon, and yet many people do not call upon them for a variety of reasons.

We have been taught to pray to God and to ask him to help us. If we start asking angels for help, where does that put God in our lives? It is my belief and practice that I pray to my Father in Heaven in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe that God has an entire universe full of spirit beings directed by the Holy Spirit to use for our benefit. They assist and serve God by helping us. We each have spiritual agreements and callings; angels have accepted the calling to serve humanity. It is up to us to ask them to help us.

Everyone has legions of spirit assistance at their disposal, yet most people doubt that it can be as simple as asking for it and allowing it to show up in their lives. Instead of asking for what they want and believing they can have it, most people instead respond to the conditions of their life.

Most people spend much of their time observing their life and what they don't like about it, and observing others' lives, making judgments about them. Most people are not being deliberate about what they want, and setting an intention that it will come forth.

Many people are intimidated and think it is silly to talk to angels. Most people do not know how to access these resources in their day-to-day life experiences. We seem to believe that we can only ask for spiritual intervention and assistance with the big, important or challenging aspects of our lives.

But God wants us to invoke our spiritual resources to help us accomplish mundane as well as inspired tasks. When we ask for the intervention of the heavens in all aspects of our lives, we will experience more and more of our lives unfolding to a higher will and not just our will alone.

Do you need to know who the angels are and call them by name? No, that is not necessary. Some people do; I don't. Their identity to me is a vibration rather then an earthy name. They speak the language of spirit, which is a language of feeling.

The Archangel Michael Defeating Satan
The Archangel

I do not see them, yet I know they are with me all the time because I feel them. I make so many requests that I am sure I have received help from hundreds of angels -- more than I can keep track of.

Janice was entering her junior year in college. Having an intense history of sexual abuse in her childhood, she had been afraid of men her entire life. She experienced great success in her sessions: clearing her very wounded inner-child, meeting her unmet needs, creating new beliefs, and coming into more and more of her adult energy.

She had been on very few dates in her life because every time she did date, her wounded inner-child would get triggered into fear, and her body would create stomachaches and headaches that would force her to end the date early, so she could go home and go to bed.

After several sessions she told me she was ready to experience meeting and dating more guys. She decided she wanted to date a lot of different guys with the possibility of meeting the man she would want to marry within the school year.

She wrote this down and was specific in saying she wanted at least three dates a month, and she wanted them to be with guys that were safe, respectful, easy to have fun with, and easy to talk to. I told her to imagine her Dating Angels and ask them to scan the campus to find the guys, and orchestrate the dates showing up easily for her.

The first three months of school went by and she was averaging one to two dates a week-- more than the three a month for which she had asked. She was meeting a lot of nice guys that were fun and easy to be with.

In the third month of school she was reunited with a man she had met the year before but had never dated. She started to date him and they fell in love. They were engaged before the school year ended and married the next summer.

Throughout the course of these events, fears would surface for Janice and she would resort to old thought and behavior patterns of sabotage. We continued to clear old energies from her childhood, and she continued to create new beliefs and life skills that allowed her to marry a man she dearly loves.

To this day she acknowledges her Dating Angels as being instrumental in bringing them together.

We can also ask God in our prayers for angels to help others. We can ask for Angels to guide and protect our children, spouses and other loved ones. When I know of tragedies happening in the world, I ask that as many angels as necessary go to minister unto those in pain.

We can ask for angels to minister to those who are sick and afflicted. We can ask to have angels go with us to friends' and families' houses to brighten the space and add the feelings of fun, unconditional love and acceptance to all those who will be present.

Whenever I go into a public space or someone else's home, I ask for Angels to go before me to clear any dark or disharmonious energies, and to fill the space with light.

When I notice negative energy around people or in the place where I am, I ask for angels to come and create a vortex of light to remove the negative energy and recycle it into light energy. Many of my clients unconsciously take on heavy, negative energy to help others feel better or to clear out disharmonies in the places they've been during the day. They feel tired a lot and have a hard time feeling positive.

Many of the negative emotions they are feeling are not even their own. I teach them how to become aware of energies outside of themselves and how to ask for spiritual assistance to clear it so they are not part of the process of channeling it.

When my oldest daughter was in the seventh grade, she started coming home from school with severe headaches and was very tired. She felt overwhelmed a lot of the time and seemed overly worried for her young age.

If she watched the news, she would frequently have horrific dreams that the world was at war, and it was up to her to save the children by facilitating world peace. I expressed to God, "Thank you for impressing upon my mind what I need to know about Jennifer to eliminate the stress she is feeling to her body and spirit."

At the time I was studying Reiki and reading Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra. The thoughts started to form that at school Jenny was taking on the negative emotion others were emitting as a service to help them feel better. One of her spiritual purposes is to awaken the light in others and to help them feel better about themselves.

Her spirit was anxious to be active in this role, and yet she was not involved consciously with her spirit to direct it. As a result she was suffering unnecessarily. I taught her how to protect herself and call upon the powers of heaven to help people clear negative emotions without any detriment to her.

If you sense this is happening to you, ask to be surrounded by white and gold light. Ask the Holy Spirit to send angels to the place you are going or to the place you are, to clear any negative energies and to surround everyone present with white and gold light. You do not need to take on the negative energies of others. Let spirit do it for you.

As we remember to ask our spirit friends and helpers to grace our lives with their powers, we will not only be aided by our lives running more smoothly, we will also be aided in our healing and in the reclaiming of our wholeness.

Angels work with our souls, in conjunction with Christ energy, to help us raise our vibration and state of consciousness. They remind us of truth and facilitate the awakening of the truth that lies within each of our cells when we are ready to integrate it into our daily lives.

As I walk with my angels and friends of light I know that I am never alone. I know that I am always aided, and that there is help and guidance all around me. I now live in a state of gratitude in which I experience miracles occurring regularly.

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Dr. Mercola's Comment:Earlier this year I had an opportunity to attend a three-day Internet seminar with Carol and had a chance to get to know her. Although I enjoyed the seminar, the highlight was the opportunity to get to know Carol.

Without a doubt, energy psychology is one of the greatest tools I have ever encountered in the healing modalities, and EFT is an amazing application of this discipline. Carol happens to be one of the most gifted EFT clinicians I know of.

Carol stopped seeing clients awhile ago so she can concentrate on sharing her message over the Internet. However, there was such a demand for her services that she decided to limit her patient load and increase her fees to $10,000 for a series of comprehensive individual consultations. Even at those rates she has more clients than she can handle.

In October, I invited Carol to spend some time at my center to teach my staff some of her principles. We had a great time and decided that we will offer a joint seminar in Chicago on April 6, 7 and 8. I want to tell you that now, as by then it will have been nearly two years since I have held a major event. The last one was also in Chicago in June 2004.

It was an EFT event with Gary Craig. We sold out the 550 seats in a few days and had a waiting list of over 500 people who could not attend.

Well, this event should be far better than the one last year, as we have some incredible programs that will absolutely amaze you at the benefits you will receive.

I can't tell you much more about it now, but I do want to forewarn you to mark your calendars now for next April 6-8, and plan on being in Chicago for an event you will remember the rest of your life.

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