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Metaphysical and Paranormal
Fringe Facts and Files


Chakra - at


Caul Bearers - being born veiled
Once in a while, a baby is born with a caul, or veil on its head or encased in it.  This is a natural membrane, but has folklore an beliefs attached to the occurrence. My own great uncle was born with a caul and spent his nearly ninety years telling of this feeling or that and usually right.

Halloween in Ireland
If you're up for fancy dress parties, bonfires, fireworks, festivals and all things spooky, then there is nowhere better to be at Halloween than in Ireland.

The history of gargoyles is really rather simple, but includes all the things that make for a fun read. Sex, politics and religion. Simple, yes. Without meaning or depth? A definite NO. Gargoyles hold within their stony, ugly visages aspects of pagan gods, sex with demons and the pushing of conversion to the Catholic Church.

Walk-ins, Step-ins
A typical modern walk-in report is similar to near-death experience, generally involving a human who is initially injured, ill, incapacitated, or seems to "die" and then recover during surgery. Deep emotional trauma and suicidal desires are said to be other suitable settings for the "walk-in".

2012: The Coming End of Our Age?
Perhaps you've heard about an event, believed to occur in or near Mexico City in six years, which is to signal the end of time or the end of the world. The event, scheduled to occur in 2012 (some say 2011), is when the ancient Mayan Calendar ends.

The Fox Sisters of Hydesville
March 31st, 1848 saw the beginnings of spiritualism in the parlor of the Fox home in Hydesville, New York.  Kate and Margaret had been living with their parents in what was considered a haunted house.

Dancing With Zombies
What we see on the movies is hardly the real story about zombies.  No armies of the moldy dead dragging lame legs down some dusty path toward your window.  They are, however, the stuff of real life horror.

The Welsh 'Roswell' UFO Controversy
It's been thirty-four years since an amazing and still unexplained event occurred in North Wales which involved strange lights in the sky, odd tremors, 'Men In Black' types sweeping the countryside.

For People Who Want to Astral Project
If you've been surfing the supernatural surfboard for any length of time, you probably already know that the OBE (out of body experience) is the absolute pinnacle of the paranormal perspective for the average practitioner.

April Fool's Day
April Fools Day or All Fools’ Day is generally celebrated on April 1, with jokes and pranks being the order of the day.  

The Four Leaf Clover

The Magic of Water

Stones and Crystals
A comprehensive article and stone list.

Vernal Equinox History and Traditions

Moon Sign Dreamers 
How does your sign influence your dreams?  Gypsy Moon, long-time dream interpreter, explains how your sign can indicate what kind of dreamer you are.

Seshat - Egypt's Scribe Goddess

Color Guide

Scent Guide

Peacock Feathers 
Peacock Feathers have long been associated with protection, most especially of the inner psyche, the Third Eye.  It's beautiful pattern appears as an eye, fueling the legends of old.

I Saw The Loch Ness Monster
 - A True Story Of Inexplicable Events!
One man's experience with the explainable and the unexplainable at Loch Ness.

Crystal Skull And Maya Pyramid, Artwork
Crystal Skull

The 13 Crystal Skulls
The mystery of the Crystal Skulls is a fascinating one, taking into account man's history of not listening, the magic of precious crystal and the foresight of the earliest civilizations to leave a legacy.

Shamanic Healing In The 21st Century  
Shamanic healing describes in essence a group of processes that has been practiced throughout the millennia, and throughout every civilization in the world. 

The Roswell UFO Crash - Walter Haut Speaks From the Grave
Walter Haut died in 2005 at the age of 83. The loss was as great to the UFO Community as it was to the Town of Roswell, New Mexico where Haut lived. It can easily be argued that his actions over almost sixty years helped put Roswell on the map. 

Paranormal Awareness On The Rise   
It feels that in the past five to ten years the public awareness of anything paranormal has been on the rise. Is this on purpose? Some would say so. It seems that alien abduction stories, alien craft, unknown cryptids, and stories of unexplainable phenomena are being talked about all the time.

The Hidden Philosophy of Abundance
Metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that seeks to address all things Universal whether it is divine, cosmic, spiritual, or human.

The Supernatural
Once we arrive at the conclusion that mere matter and natural laws are not sufficient to explain the existence of the universe and life, but a super intelligence is, then what?

Stepping into Soul 
In the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the recent earthquake in Pakistan, I have noticed the presence of much higher spiritual energies in my life and in the Earth.

The Soul of Plants - And Gifts for Humans
Plants are intelligent forms of life who are capable of intention, preference, and a will to survive, thrive and interact. Scientific research indicates that plants communicate with insects, animals, human beings and other plants in order to keep themselves alive and safe. 

The Pentagram and the SUN (RA) 
The Pentagon-Dodecahedron was a representation of earth's tectonic plates. The ancients built a network of megalithic structures upon it for many purposes related to enhancing their psycho-spiritual needs up to and possibly including what led to the vitrified rocks.

Parapsychology: Harnessing Your Etheric Energy
It is an unfortunate reality that society has inadvertently categorized the natural abilities associated with bio-etheric energy as a form of entertainment.

The Nature of Deja Vu
The term déjà vu comes from the French and means, literally, "already seen." Those who have experienced the feeling describe it as an overwhelming sense of familiarity with something that shouldn't be familiar at all.

Magnet Therapy
Magnetic therapy is now being considered as a promising treatment for a wide range of medical ailments.

Developing Your Psychic Abilities
We all have psychic abilities. Some of us may have more natural abilities than others, the same way that some of us seem inclined towards music or mathematics. But just like any other skill, psychic abilities can be trained and enhanced.

Destiny and Free Will - The hidden secrets 
Working as a psychic medium and healer I meet many people from all walks of life- from pop stars and pa's, princes and paupers, the wise and the not so wise.

How Does Thought Create Reality?   
Recently I've been asked to be a guest expert to discuss Manifestation and, in particular, how what we think creates the life we experience - our reality and results. 

What does an Animal Intuitive Do? 
Animal Communication, offered by animal intuitives, consists of three categories. The first category is communicating personal messages from animal family members to their people. This is called an animal intuitive reading.


Stonehenge Burials


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