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Psychic Surgery Healing in the Philippines 


Note -  No evidence has ever been put forth that proves that psychic surgery is anything but a slight-of-hand trick. is not disregarding the power of placebo medicine, but the actual practice of psychic surgery has never been proved real. 


Psychic Surgery Healing in the Philippines  

by Patrick Hamouy

This form of healing is also known as Bare Hand Surgery.

What is the difference between Psychic Surgery and Bare Hand Surgery?

Psychic Surgery is what is practiced in Western Europe and United States. A Psychic Surgeon works on the etheric body. There are various methods used but basically the Surgeon extends the energy in his fingers and operates the etheric field with these extended fingers. No blood or matters appear on the body during the surgery.

Bare Hand Surgery is different. Basically, a Bare Hand Surgeon enters a person's body using his / her Bare Hands and manually removes diseased or dead tissues, tumours, calcium deposits and other matters that should not be there. This is done without inflicting any pain, coming out of the body without leaving any visible marks or scars.

Impossible I hear you say. Why? I don't understand how telepathy works but it has been documented many times that some people are able to communicate over long distances without the use of phones. Simply by sending telepathic message to one another with the power of their mind. I have seen on TV a blindfolded man drive a car. Just sensing the road in front of him.. How does this work?

We have unfortunately been brainwashed in the West to think that Bare Hand Surgeons are not genuine and these people have been portrayed as being magicians hiding chicken blood in their sleeves. This is not my experience. I have been visiting these surgeons in the Philippines since 1997 and I have worked with over 30 of them. It is true that I have caught 90% of them cheating but I believe that it is now hard to fool me with magic. I test these people the following way:

* They must work with short sleeves * I must be able to inspect the bed or table they use for the surgery just before they start * I must be allowed to move around the couch during the surgery * They must show me their hands just before they start the surgery * Without touching anything after showing me their hands, they must start

If they can still generate blood and remove matters from the body, then they have past the first test

Out of the 30 surgeons I have investigated, I have only kept 3 that I bring groups to on a regular basis. I have worked with them since 1997 and I have never been able to catch them cheating.

One of them took my hands one day, drew some symbols in them and said a prayer. Then he moved my fingers above the body of a patient who was lying on the couch. As my fingers were moving above the body, the body opened under them and blood appeared. The body then closed as my fingers moved on. This happened with my own fingers, not those of the surgeon. How could he cheat this?

I have also been allowed to pull tumours that were in the patient whilst his body was kept open for me. Not the hands of the surgeon but mine.

But the best proof that this is genuine is that many patients' condition improves when they are operated on. What better proof?

These are some of the improvements that have been reported by members of my group visiting the Philippines with me:

* Bare Hand Surgery was successfully performed on a friend of mine suffering from Parkinson's disease. This successfully stopped the progression of the disease for many years.

* A Psychic surgeon cleared "growths" from around my prostate. He then left a Kleenex tissue inside my body overnight to prevent the seeping of blood back in the testicles (I could feel the tissue by pressing on the point where it was inserted).

* I had a 12" tumour removed from my large intestines. I was eating a normal meal half an hour latter.

* A member of our group had her ovaries and fallopian tubes "cleaned".

* The eyes of a person suffering from cataract where "cleaned"

* One member of our group had growths that were attached to her spine removed. This lady had had problems moving her head fully and had suffered from chronic pains in her shoulders for many years. The instant improvement to the head was obvious and her shoulder pains have now completely disappeared. Months of physical therapy had previously had very little impact.

* One surgeon removed many diseased tissues from another group member. This gentleman was gradually losing the use of his hand and arm and the left side of his body was slowly being paralysed. He is now well and full of energy.

* I witnessed two different Bare Hand Surgeons successfully remove deep brain tumours from two different patients.

* Another Bare Hand Surgeon cleared a "goitre" from a gentleman's throat

* One surgeon removed numerous cancerous tumours from a patient's reproductive organs. This person has now recovered.

* One surgeon cleaned the arteries of a patient around his heart

Etc... The list is too long to mention.

The above was witnessed by at least six people in my various groups.

Basically, Bare Hand Surgeons do not specialise in any specific disease. They work with "energy" on anything presented to them.

Patrick Hamouy

About the Author

Patrick Hamouy teaches various forms of "Alternative Therapies" at his school in West London and Brighton (UK). Topics include Indian Head Massage, Reiki Healing, Anatomy & Physiology, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Oriental Diagnosis & Psychic Development. He gives consultations in Macrobiotic Diet, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) and advises on the removal of toxic products from the home environment.



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